Hyderabad: Yes,you heard me right,you must be confused to hear the phrase ‘RIGHT BANANA’,what is right banana? You must be wondering.

We eat banana not only to satisfy our hunger but also to be healthy,but what if i tell you the fruit that you consume for its rich nutritional values,is making you sick.

We all know that there is organic and inorganic farming,we want fresh and organic vegetables and fruits but most of us don’t know about how a particular fruit is being ripened.fruit vendors in the city are picking green bananas which are artificially ripened after being gassed with ethylene or by using calcium carbide,and consuming such fruit lands us in danger it causes various health hazards like headache, dizziness, mood disturbance, memory loss, cerebral edema and seizures.

So,next time when you go out to buy bananas be sure you are buying the right ones.

To identify if a banana fruit is artificially ripened,you can check the skin of the banana, if it appears immaculate with lemon yellow skin it is artificially ripened,on the other hand naturally ripened bananas have black/brown stalk and skin appears dark yellow with brown spots.

-Anudeep Sharma, Rachana Journalism College, Hyderabad

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