Triple Talaq Why so Late …?

Triple Talaq Why so Late …?

Hyderabad: Many of you know about it and there are few also which do not know about if… Any person by seeing these two words can easily estimate that it is a form of Talaq which is given in 3 phases…. Yes they may be right that the talaq which is given in three phases is triple talaq but do you know that these three phases are just get completed in just 30 seconds it means you can give divorce to your Muslim wife in just 30 second just because of silly reasons yes, you read me right by just uttering these three word talaq-talaq-talaq now who are free to leave that woman who may be fully dependented upon him ,Is it fair I am asking you is that fair for the Muslim women…I appreciate the Bhartiya janta party (BJP) government for presenting a bill in Rajya Sabha for this but I am felling sad why after 72 years of independence we have taken this step…..can you even imagine how many women have suffered because of this Muslim religious custom in past 72 years after independence .

You will be shocked after knowing that on 13th may 2017, during the hearing before its final judgment , the supreme court described instant triple talaq as the “worst form of marriage dissolution ” it is noted that the custom is banned in the Muslim -majority countries of Saudi Arabia ,morocco ,Afghanistan ,and PAKISTAN ALSO, whom we think they treat there citizens like animals almost neighbour countries to India already banned the triple talaq but in our great India according to the Muslim person allow (SHARIAT) application act of 1937 has legalized and allowed the practice of triple talaq which gave Muslim husband special privilege over his wife but after 82 years after 1937 act and 72 years of independence Bhartiya janta party (bjp) has challenged the 1937 act and presented a triple talaq law bill in Rajya Sabha on 30th July 2019 after a lengthy debate Rajya Sabha passed this bill voting in favor of this bill are of 99 votes and 84 in against now you are thinking who are these 84 peoples these are the peoples of those party who do not want that the Muslim woman get equality as same as Hindu or any of the other religions in………………….of divorce….

In Rajya Sabha when this triple talaq bill was presented there were many people who are opposing this by saying that it is part of Muslim religious faith then for this those who are supporting the bill just asked one question is faith is more important than the humans (women ) if yes than the custom sati is also should be done. So after a long debate the Rajya Sabha passes the bill by majority of 99 votes and the law of triple talaq was passed.

As now this become a law there should be some punishment also for the violation of the law Instant triple talaq remains cognizable offence with a maximum of three year of imprisonment and a fine, the fine amount is decided by the magistrate .As I listening the Rajya Sabha debate on triple talaq there are silly reasons for instant triple talaq these are The man start likening someone else he says these three words on phone or through letter talaq, talaq, talaq and he is eligible for new wedding because
. He not getting the taste in the food which is cooked by the wife .
.The wife stops him for drinking the alcohol he just says three words talaq , talaq, talaq and it is done .

If you don’t believe me I have a fir copy of the case field against a Muslim man of Maharashtra ,After two days of passing the bill of triple talaq thane police in Maharashtra registered a case against a man who allegedly gave talaq to his wife through WhatsApp because he started liking someone else so he just forwarded the message of talaq, talaq, talaq on WhatsApp after this thane police under IPC section 498 and section 4 of the Muslim women act registered a complaint against him .

Why so late??

Swati , Rachana Journalism college , Hyderabad.

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