WHAT!!!! PINK!!!!!

Kolkata: Cricket balls in pink color has become a hot topic now. India for the first time is using these pink colored balls in its day night matches. White colored balls were used in T20 matches and red colored balls were used in test matches. And now these pink ones are into the field now.


This is because red balls under floodlights take on brownish color which is similar to the pitch and is difficult for the batsmen to play. But pink colored balls detoriate slowly than white balls and have better  night visibility than red ones and are most suitable for day night matches. They also made trails on orange and yellow but failed to do so. And they ended up using pink color balls.

*The leather is turned into pink color
*That is cut into 4 pieces according to the measurements taken.
*Firstly, they attach the two pieces and make into a shape of cup
*The same is done with the other two pieces
*A Cork is placed in between the two cup shaped structures and are stitched.
And then into the field.
And its time to cheer them up….

– Tabitha Kathula, Rachana Journalism College

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