Hyderabad: PDV Sahruda an eight year old has created history, and made two world records approved by elite world records LLC, USA. In different disciplines. Those two world records being the most number of origami models (102)by an individual in 20 minutes (origami is the art of paper folding)and also for the most number of ceramic tiles breaking by a single individual (350) in 20 minutes.previously this record was held by a north korean native.

Sahruda, told that,”she had participated in three world records and broke two of them” and also broke many national and state records.she told that she practiced for the ceramic tiles with 5mm thick tiles along with her teacher.

Sahruda’s teacher, Aswini anand also said that he was a second degree world champion (2017) and a black belt. he told his aim is to train women and girls, while speaking about Sahruda he said this is just the beginning and many more to come and told he is preparing Sahruda for world championship.he also advised everyone to indulge self-defence training in their daily life for them to be fit.


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