Hyderabad: Cm KCR asked RTC Employees to join in their duties .In a cheerful way RTC Employees are back on thier duties .Finally people feel relieved as the tiring protest has come to and end after 52days .To compensate for the losses incured by the RTC during the protest KCR has announced hike the ticket price by 20paisa for kilometre .He also announced to support financially by giving 100crores to the RTC .
As a thank full gesture RTC employees performed milk shower ceremony to his portrait .


Announcements made by CM KCR during press meet

Cm KCR stated , RTC employees are being misslead by union leaders .
He repeated ,not to believe the opposition party leaders words.
Cm KCR asked RTC employees join to their duties back and he would pass orders to RTC .
KCR government has agreed to suppor the families demised individual’s families during RTC protest and he offered a government job to a elegible person in the family.
He stated ,when he was transport minister there was 13crores 80lakhs loss in RTC he covered that loss and brought in a profit of 1450crores to RTC.
He adviced RTC employees not to fall for union leaders words and spoil thier lives.

-Abhilash Reddy, Rachana Journalism College, Hyderabad.


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