The Rapist killed the human,

Humans are killing humanity.


A report stated that Disha has been searched more the 8 million times on porn site.

There are not the people but are potential rapist. We are slowly dying as a society. There are people who are fighting for the justice of Disha,there are also people who are amused by her suffer and taking pleasure out of it. How down can humanity still go people are fighting to hang the rapists, But what do we do with such filthy mind set is hanging really our way out? How do we change the mindset? Some responsible personalities like flim maker Daniel shravan siad women should carry condoms and cooperate with rapists other instinct aslo reported where people who made objectable comments over disha incident were arrested. All these only explain its not how badly we punish the offenders but how well teach our kids.

Rubeena Khan, Rachana College Of Journalism, Hyderabad..

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