Hyderabad:A picture has slowly started to clear about the hottest topic in Indian cricket in recent months .Among all the murmurs about the future of legendary wicket-keeper Batsmen MS Dhoni,BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has been asked this question every time he has made a public appearance.

Though this time he presented a much clearer picture of the scenario stating that the decession must be left on the legendary wicket-keeper batsmen himself.”Being iconic cricketer for years and most successful limited overs captain of the Indian team,his decisions must be respected”Ganguly said.
Sourav Ganguly ,who was one the greatest cricketers and long serving captain of Indian cricket team ,is well known to manage iconic players and give them due respect and an environment to feel great full for their achievements for Indian cricket.
“I can’t say this here .we have had discussions with MS Dhoni ,”Ganguly said at the India Today Conclave East.”We will leave it at that . somebody of that stature of MS Dhoni any respect .The BCCI can’t be thankful enough for what he has done to Indian cricket I have always said it’s on MSDhoni at the moment. it’s on MSDhoni .We will address that as and when it comes.Things should remain in closed doors, especially when it comes to dealing with legendary names .

” MSDhoni has been that most successful captain for Indian winning all trophies during his regime .Now,in the twilight of his career ,he must be respected for what he has done for Indian team”Sourav Ganguly added .

– Abhilash, Rachana Journalism College, Hyderabad.

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