Virtual Reality Reunites Mother with dead daughter, in South Korea

South Korean: In South Korean Documentary Meeting you named show made a mother , Jang Ji-Sung got to see her daughter Nayeon , who died aged seven in 2017 , thanks to Virtual Reality.

Unfortunately, mum Jang Ji-sung had to go through such pain when her daughter died three years ago. But thanks to virtual reality (VR), the South Korean mum was able to reunite with her deceased child, for a short while.

One of the country’s broadcasters, MBC, made it possible through the documentary translated as Meeting You. It aired in South Korea last week.

According to MBC, the production team took eight months to develop the Virtual reality simulation. They used motion capture technology to record the movements of a child that they could later use as a model for their virtual Nayeon, and reproduced her voice. They also designed a virtual park – based on the one the mother-daughter duo frequented – where they would meet.

In a preview , we see Jang talking to her daughter,while her husband and three other children watch from a monitor.

In the scene with Jang and her departed daughter was shared on MBC’s YouTube page, which showed the cut between both worlds – the real and the virtual one – where the two met again.

There was not a dry eye in the room when a virtual model of Nayeon showed up in the screen, running towards her mother saying: “Mum, where have you been? Did you think of me?” Jang was seen attempting to touch her daughter. In the interview, she said: “I wanted to touch my daughter. I tried to hold her hand and stroke her face.” In VR, Jang and her daughter “touched hands”. Jang also sang her daughter a birthday song. They had seaweed soup – a traditional Korean birthday dish – and she gave her a piece of honey cake “that she wanted to eat”.

The meeting ended with Nayeon lying in bed, reading Jang her letter saying she will remember her for a long time – “Goodbye, mum, I love you” – to which the mum replied, “me too”. Nayeon went back to sleep, and like magic, vanished and turned into a butterfly. After the whole experience, Jang said that while it wasn’t completely like her daughter, it felt like she saw her daughter “at the moment”. She said the experience taught her not to miss her child any more, but love her more instead.


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