Swami Vivekananda’s point of view on agriculture : relevance today

“Our culture is agriculture ”
Said by so many great leaders.. India is the country in which still 60 percent of population depends on agriculture in the villages
Some of the great leaders said that true India lies in the villages and villages depend on agriculture and cattle, by products from cattle etc.. But now a days people from villages also migrating towards cities for sophisticated jobs as they have studied in the colleges, even the families which are performing agriculture since generations, also going for other jobs by leaving agriculture… The agriculture sector is losing because of this phenomenon which is happening since decades after independence.. And after industrial revolution…

Swami Vivekananda’s views :

When swami Vivekananda was a wondering monk, around the India, he started understanding the problems of India, where as a country we went wrong, and what is the solution for this… Then he understood the position of the agriculture in India..
He said “it is better to choose agriculture as an occupation, if we say this to anyone they reject it because they have some college education, they reject it because an educated person cannot choose agriculture as a profession.. There are so many farmers to do it.. But what I feel is we are forgetting our basis
In scriptures what is there?? King janaka was a farmer, janaka performed agriculture and studied vedaas too… All our great sages were farmers too, they lived with nature.. But , now if a person got educated from a college, he tries to go to city and get sophisticated job… ”

And again swamiji said ” agriculture should not be like what our farmers performing Now.. It should be like science that is agriculture science as it is in America,, we should learn agriculture as a science.. And because America had done this, it is developed in all aspects
Even if people have land in the villages, they want to go to cities and enjoy there,
If they know English, they never want to be in village and go for agriculture.. That is the reason why India is not developing as other countries..
Even the farmer’s son also leave the agriculture and go to city for job if they have some educational qualification…
If it continues like this, all our system will get collapsed… ”

Swamiji said about living in villages ::
” if people start living in villages, the life span of people will increase, and diseases also very less in number. If educated people start living in villages, they will get developed. And agriculture sector also becomes better by scientific way of approach in agriculture… This is what India wants Now…

Relevance :
This phenomenon is still continuing in the country.. Educated people leaving villages and going for cities for sophisticated jobs.. Agriculture became subject in the colleges but many of them are not ready to work with farmers making them educated on how to do agriculture… If these people go to villages and educate farmers and help them in different aspects, the agriculture will become better as swamiji mentioned.. Because in a country like India, economy is depended on agriculture.. (agrarian economy) , the farmers are committing suicides in the villages which is a shame on all of us..
And if we try to give proper education to village people and village children .. They are very curious to learn.. They like us very much…

Swamiji’s foresight has given solutions to the modern problems 125 years ago.. It is our responsibility of our agriculture and our farmers.. It is our responsibility as youth to make our nation the great in the world… Let us try to live in villages and try to empower them.. It is our responsibility because we got educated.. We have to give back to the nation.

” so long as the millions live in hunger and ignorance, I hold every man a traitor ,who having been educated at their expense, pays not the least heed to them ” — swami Vivekananda -Sai prashanthi Neelda, Rk Math volunteer

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