IPL Cricket warriors fight against COVID-19

Hyderabad: Indian Primer League has a great importance in our country. Once these dates are announced, all the crciket fans from children’s to adults become ready to watch these matches either going to the stadium directly or sitting at home watching on the telivision. Whether cricket lovers or any other sport lovers, Once IPL dates are announced all of them or too enthusiastic to watch these matches and feel very over joyed when their team wins.

Even this year also cricket lovers had a great expectations on these matches. But unfortunately a severe pandemic COVID-19 spread in a rapid way in our country causing a lot of disturbances in all the fields. Even these IPL matches were cancelled due to this pandemic only. Every one expected that this would decrease, but it has been increasing day by day seeing which the BCCI has decided to conduct these matches in UAE.

After hearing the announcement declared by the BCCI many of them were disappointed. Some of them thought that their team would win this year. Some of them thought that they would go and watch the match directly, some of them thought that the could see their favourite cricketers playing in a very good form. But finally we have to agree with the decision taken by the BCCI because COVID-19 is such dangerous virus that it spreads immediately when there is a lot of gatherings. Even our cricketers may also be effected. So keeping all these these situations in view BCCI has taken this decision which is very painful for the cricket lovers.

Finally as a cricket lover and a national cricketer, I urge all the cricketers to take the necessary precautions wherever the go and play

-Samudrala sharath chandra (7032788223), shivaji nagar, nizamabad,

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