Shri Krishna Janmashtami celebrated with full enthusiasm

Nizambad: Janmashtami the birth anniversary of lord Krishna is celebrated in various parts of the Country with full of enthusiasm. Lord Krishna is believed to be the Eight Avtar or incarnation of lord Vishnu. Krishna pooja is usually celebrated at midnight it is observed on the Eighth day of krishnapaksh in the month of shravana or bhadrapad. On this auspicious occasion many of the children dress themselves as lord Krishna and gopikas and visit the temples nearby. They feel themselves blessed.


She finds divinity in dance. She feels that dance is to express but not to impress. Entered in to the field of classical dance at age of 5 and attained great heights in this divine field. Given more than 500 performances, 3 times natya mayuri award winner at national level and also bagged the prestigious Guinness Book of World Record at Hyderabad Gachibowli stadium. Her first performance was on this occasion only at the age of 5 at nearby Sri Krishna temple. At present she’s persuing her physiotherapy 2nd year and conducting online dance classes in during this pandemic also.

-Sharath samudrala, Shivaji nagar,nizambad, 7032788223,

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