Hyderabad: October is globally marked as National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) with a view to educate public and private sector to increase cyber resilience of the nation as recommended by National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS).

Keeping this in view, Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA) programme of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) in association with CERT-IN, NIC and C-DAC observes and organizes unique mass awareness activities through various modes as part of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

ISEA is observing the security awareness month this October, 2020. This activity aims to promote and motivate the digital age citizens of our country, to be cyber aware and secured netizens. We invite the participation of the people from across the country in the event to enable and equip themselves with the required information and knowledge to successfully shield themselves against various cyber threats and dangers lurking in the cyber space.

As part of observing NCSAM, ISEA is undertaking the following awareness activities:

· InfoSec Tips: Every day a unique cyber security tip on best security measures.

· InfoSec Daily Video: Awareness Videos daily on one cyber security topic

· InfoSec General Video: A general video covering cyber safety measures to help the endusers to be secure.

· InfoSec Concepts: Trending cyber security concepts explained.

· InfoSec Survey/Quiz: A Quiz program to know the ‘cyber fitness quotient’ of an individual on cyber security; and e- certificates will be issued for all participants.

· InfoSec Crossword: Test your Awareness on cyber security threats and challenges by Solving the Infosec crossword and win certificates

· InfoSec Newsletter: A One-stop source, which gives you complete information on one cyber security topic.

· InfoSec Tool: Useful available cyber security tools

· InfoSec Malware Alerts: Alerts message on different types of malware attacks

· InfoSec KID: A cartoon story specially designed for children covering cyber security topics

· InfoSec Book: Hand books which are useful in our daily cyber life

· InfoSec Spot FakeNews: A alert message/poster which cover how to identify different types of fake messages in social media platforms.

· Infosec Worksops

Spreading Awareness:

Awareness through Social Media:

ISEA Social Media platforms are utilized for effective reach of general public. In addition, all the above mentioned activities will be posted on social media and will be tagged with all the ministries social media handles, State IT Secretary handles, state Police Department handles, Education boards, Celebrities and News/Media Channels with a request to retweet / popularize the activities to create an overwhelming response.

All the above mentioned activities are being posted on all the social media platforms on hourly basis, from morning 8.00 AM to Evening 8.00PM

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