Volunteering as seva and sadhana : VIHE welcomes youth of all groups

Hyderabad: Vivekananda institute of human excellence, a unit of Ramakrishna math Hyderabad is established in the year 2000 on 10th September.

Since then VIHE is offering different types of courses, training programs, youth camps and Vivekananda bal vikasa Kendra, a complete personality development program for school children, and so on. courses offered VIHE ,such as personality development program, yoga adhyayan shibir, meditation for youth are really pathfinders for younger generation. VIHE offers courses, camps even for parents as well as teachers to build the next generation leaders for country.

In that line, volunteering also there in a different perspective that is seva, the service of the fellow human beings. Lot of changes observed in the youth who participated in this great service. And a lot of improvement in different aspects of their personality such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership, fearlessness, selfless service attitude, contributing something to the society and so on.

The youth will undergo continuous training by revered swami bodhamayananda ji maharaj who is the director of Vivekananda institute of human excellence. And the exposure to spiritual and cultural values bring a novel personality an awakened personality for


The motto of the Ramakrishna math and mission, which was given by swami Vivekananda, one of the great nation builder and patriot monk of the Bharat.

-Sai prashanthi Neeldawar, Ramakrishna math volunteer, Hyderabad

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