You are watching the wrong movie in your brain- become the celebrated monk

Hyderabad: One who knows how to do it needs no suggestion, One who has skill set will not waste time brooding over unnecessary things. It’s time you take remote control in your hands, and Stop watching the movie played by your brain. The quicker you realise this the better is your quality of life. People think talking vulgar language speaking rude and unparliamentary vocabulary is the advanced form of Living. These are the Trends brainwashed into youth these days these are all market created methods to brainwash you.

THE CELEBRATED Monk VIP chamber is a book authored by Dr Harish tenneti to shatter all these trend created confusions VIP chamber is a zone present in and around brain gaining access into which can create a peaceful and successful life. THE BOOK CELEBRATED Monk VIP chamber is available on Amazon Dr Harish tenneti is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon VedaSahasrapath instructor life coach emotive behaviour therapist his unique way of teaching Brain lightning techniques will surely help us achieve all success and prosperity in life. GO ahead grab your book stay blessed.

Anyone who want to ask can ask questions- Dr Harish, Hyderabad. (9949962477)

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