Jacinda Ardern Secures Second term with Landslide victory

Delhi : New Zealand Prime minister Jacinda ardern and her party has secured a Second term by a historic win in the Elections. Jacinda ardern’s Labour party has won a thumping 49 percent vote share while her main challeger party The ” conservative National party” has only secured 27 percent of vote share.

The labour party has formed the Government in 2017 by coalition with two other parties.But this time the party can comfortably form the government on its own,which is happening again after 50 years.The two ally of Labour party  Green Party and libertarian ACT Party have won 7.5 and 8 percent vote share respectively.

Prime minister Narendra Modi has took it to twitter and congratulated the New Zealand Pm he wrote “My heartiest congratulations to the PM of New Zealand #jacindaardern on her resounding victory.Recall our last meet a year ago and look forward to working together for taking India-NZ relationship to a higher level”

Recently we all saw how the Pm of New Zealand Jacinda ardern has managed the Covid-19 crisis making New Zealand,the first  Covid-19 free nation.It comes as no surprise that such a commited and thoughtful leader securing such a historic and land sliding victory.


-Anudeep deshaipeta

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