14 year old Indian American Girl wins Young scientist challenge

Hyderabad : Anika Chebroulu,a 14 year old Indo-American girl has won the Young scientist challenge and rewarded $25,000 for her research to find a treatment for Covid-19.The Girl presently lives in Texas with her parents and won the 2020 3M Young scientist challenge for her research on a potential drug to cure the Corona virus.

Anika Chebroulu is currently in her eighth grade and she developed a molecule that binds to a protein in the corona virus and stops it from functioning.

The vice president also took it twitter to congratulate the young girl and wrote “Congratulations to 14-year-old Indian-American ,Anika chebrolu from texas for winning 2020 3M young scientist challenge and a $25000 prize for her work on potential therapy for #COVID19”

The Genius girl told the media that she developed a molecule and it will target and bind a certain protein in the corona virus and eventually wil stop the virus from Functioning.

-Anudeep deshaipeta

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