All eyes on Ram Charan’s voice over

Jr NTR’s teaser from Rajamouli’s magnum opus project RRR will be out on 22nd October and it has attained great anticipation already. The first teaser of the film featuring Ram Charan was a smashing success, thanks to his ripped physique, action shots, and Jr NTR’s voice over.


Now, the roles have reversed as Ram Charan will be giving voice over for Jr NTR’s teaser. This has led to a tensed atmosphere between mega and Nandamuri fans as one section argues the teaser succeeded because of their hero’s action while the other section says their hero’s voice over is the only reason why the teaser got a good reception. These fan wars are mainly going on in rural areas. As per our inside info, Ram Charan is paying great attention to his voice over for Jr NTR’s teaser. Interestingly, both mega fans and Nandamuri fans are eagerly waiting for Ram Charan’s voice over.

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