Shashi Preetam, Aiswarya Krishna Priya launch Deccan Music Challenge to encourage new talent

Shashi Preetam, Aiswarya Krishna Priya launch Deccan Music Challenge to encourage new talent


Music director Shashi Preetam on Monday launched the Deccan Music Challenge competition for bands and solo singers with a noble purpose in mind. It’s the talented composer’s passionate initiative with his daughter Aiswarya Krishna Priya, who is the Challenge’s producer.


Welcoming the contestants, Shashi Preetam said, “We are happy to announce the music contest, which has taken off today at Film Nagar, Hyderabad. There are a lot of musicians out there who are hardly known to people. They are faceless and their names are not known to anybody. Rock bands, which have picked up in Hyderabad in the last five years, are becoming a trend. Pubs are giving them platforms. It started off with English-language rock bands. And now, thanks to public demand, Telugu and Hindi rock bands, too, are becoming popular in the pop-cultural landscape. Each band is unique.”


“Our Deccan Music Challenge seeks to encourage promising musical and singing talents. Every week, one rock band and one solo singer will be featured. Our panel of judges will finalize the winner after 12 weeks of contests. The finale will hopefully be a large event. Or else, it will be an online event if the situation doesn’t permit. Primarily, the contests will be up on my YouTube channel. Besides, they will be available on other platforms. This is just the first season. We are looking forward to teaming up with a number of aspiring young musicians. Even those who have got no bands can also join us. Winners will be given cash prizes as well. Besides appreciation, aspirants feel honoured when they are feted with rewards at the end of the day,” Shashi Preetam added.


“When I started out as a college lad, I got to work with a number of musicians, singers, etc. I have drawn from those experiences in designing this contest. I will be also interviewing the musical bands to know their struggles, aspirations, survival, etc. in the challenging industry,” he added. “My daughter Aiswarya Krishna Priya is a psychologist, who is the producer of this Challenge. She runs a psychology clinic here in Hyderabad. She is a pianist and a vocalist who has always been passionate about music,” he said.


Aiswarya said that she has observed her father always encourage competent people. “Through our initiative, we want to spot new talents and groom aspirants. Any individual who wants to promote themselves as a music professional will get a platform. I have been closely associated with music for the past 15 years. I truly believe in the power of music. I am a music therapist myself; I incorporate the power of music in my sessions. I didn’t imagine it to be this good a start. Good luck to everyone on the team,” she added.

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