Don’t become RJ to be famous, Become RJ to bring in a positive change as a responsible citizen : RJ Jayashree

She is a classical dancer
An improv sizzler
A theatre artist
Her heart is campassionate towards pets and disabled
She is noble in nature
Words are less to praise her multi talents
She is none other than Radio Jockey Jayashree

Hello Jayashree
Hi !

First of all we want to know about your Native place, studies and family details

I am a kannugu (Kannadiga +Telugu), Appa is from mysore ( Kannadiga) Amma is from Venkatgiri ( Teluguite) and they owned hyderabad. I was born and brought up here in Hyderabad.
Completed my MBA from Osmania university and now pursuing MA in Psychology from IGNOU

Did you ever dreampt of becoming a Radio Jockey

“She is so talkative”, This remark was constant in all my school progress reports and my parents used to listen to this in every parent – teacher meeting as a complaint which now turned as a life line. I used to take long morning walks with my dog trixy and used to be hooked to the radio, which never stopped from morning until night just to listen to the RJ’s jock talk and imitate the same. Yes I did dream of becoming an RJ and Dreams do come true.

From when you started Radio journey?

It started when I was 10 years old , that’s when I stepped into the studios of Akashavani to record songs (Lalitha sangeetham) as a part of Jawahar bal bhavan summer camp , this was back In the year 2000. Later in 2009 I was invited as a guest RJ for 1 hour show on rainbow FM. There i saw RJ Radha Krishnaveni, and from then my urge to be on that seat got stronger. Later in 2015 , with my parents support I gave auditions in All india radio rainbow fm and rest is history.

You are a classical dancer, right?

I discontinued my diploma in kuchipudi. I learnt dance for 12 years and gave more than 150 performances

You are a theatre artist too? Please tell us about it

Yes, I got opportunity to work with couple of Theatre groups in Hyderabad from 2017 to 2019 however it all started when I first started to perform with Late Dr. Padmasri Sobha naidu’s troup in kuchipudi ballets. I remember playing various roles in the ballets of Swami Vivekananda, Jagadananda karaka and also gave several stage performances during childhood. Stage had always been a friend of mine.

Do you remember your 1st stage show?

First stage show was Srinivasa kuchipudi art academy’s as a student and it was a group performance of jathis and I fondly remember that it was when I was 8 years old.

You have also acted in short films right, how to got that opportunity?

Yes, it was luck by chance. when a friend of mine suggested my name to a media company after watching me perform in a al woman’s stand up comedy show. It was a wonderful experience to act in the short films and I had good time with the crew.

Heard you love dogs, you work for them too.

My mother inspired me to be compassionate towards animals. During childhood I remember she rescued several injured animals from the street, that’s when amma introduced me to blue cross. Once on my 12th birthday I happened to rescue an injured puppy from the street and went to blue cross shelter with amma and there I saw several animals being treated, and rescued. I was inspired and also the same day I had an opportunity to say hi to Akkineni Amala mam. Since then I was a regular volunteer with Blue cross and also took the first aid training provided by people for animals. Now I am a community care taker and I handle rescues, adoption requests and coordinate animal birth control for strays in my area.

You also lend your voice for free to Lit by Humanity blind organization, how to got such a great thought?

My appa ( Father) lost his vision partially in the year 2014 and since then I understand more intensely about the hardship of visually challenged students. During lockdown I came across an advertisement on social media which said ‘Volunteers required to record audio for Visually impaired students who are preparing for Civil services’ that inspired to be just enroll myself without a second thought. I love doing voice overs and recording audio books so here it was an opportunity to do my bit of what I love.

Apart from this, What else you do?

IMPROV. It is an unscripted, spontaneous and on the spot comedy not to be confused with standup. I love improv and Also got the first rule of improv tattooed on my wrist which is “ Yes, and..” that I how much I have accepted improv in my life. I have been learning and teaching improv past 3 years , I have a team named “Improv comedy Hyderabad” and we have performed several shows including an improv radio show in Hyderabad, We as a team also participated in the improv festivals and attended several workshops conducted by “improv comedy Bangalore” and several international improvisers.

After venturing into English and hindi improv I have now joined “ Telugu comedy sabha” and we jam regularly. During the pandemic we are conducting online improv shows. Improv is a fast growing community around the world.


You shared small screen with hero Nagarjuna.. how was your experience?

Yes it was great. In 2014 i participated in ‘Meelo evaru koteshwarudu’, (It was season 2 episode 17) before you ask, i won 3.2 lakhs. Along with money I also won a lot of hearts and appreciation when I tried to do a jock talk on the show with the host Akkineni Nagarjuna garu. I sang songs and enjoyed playing the game.

Coming to RJing, for which topic you got full response

As an RJ I believe that I have Social responsibility towards creating awareness. And all my topics are about public responsibility and following the basics in life . Most recent one is on the topic to support the local business and local show vendors during pandemic. However I want to say that Every show is special and response is indeed great.

Share a memorable moment with a listener

Memorable incidents are many. I received a box of sweets from our listener on birthday. A listener who visited for a selfie. Most memorable incident was that when a listener got cloth face masks. That was indeed sweet.

RJs definitely will have FANS, how you feel about it

My fans turn into friends after interacting with me and I made them understand the fact that being an RJ is not only to carry a larger than life Aura but also to carry responsibility to say the right things at the right time to create a positive impact in someone’s life.

Presently which radio show you are hosting, timings?

I am the host of the prime drive time Bilingual show (Hindi and english). ‘YOU ME AND MUSIC’ on All india radio rainbow fm 101.9 from 5 pm to 9 pm once in a week.

How you manage time?

I let my heart decide what makes me happy and I follow what my heart says, perhaps that’s the way it should be.

Your hobbies

I love recording audio books , just random articles where I modulate and experiment with my voice in my small studio set up at home.

What you hate most

Hate is a strong word , but I dislike any abuse and cruelty towards animals , Cannot tolerate that ever.

Which RJ you follow

Every RJ has a unique style but I love my mentor from Rainbow FM RJ Sanghamitra, she is working with all India radio in Ladakh now , I adore her sense of style and the way she takes over the show

Your Idol

My Amma, Smt Padma Priya. She is very supportive for everything that I want to be or do. She is my pillar of strength

Your plus point

To learn and set right the minus points

Your minus point

Being extremely emotional about the people and pets that I am attached to

Do you have any regrets

I would be lying if I said no , but yes I regret not being a veterinary doctor.

Success means

Happiness and peace along with the joy of doing what you love


Failure definition

Is a second chance to achieve success

How to be happy

I think the world is looking for an answer to this question. Well for me
To be happy is to love , where there is love there is happiness, be it your family, job or life itself

Your favorite song

Bantureethi koluvu -Tyagaraja swamy keerthana

Your social media links

Insta handle is @Rjjayashree

Facebook : Jayashree Raj :

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Suggestion for aspiring RJs

Don’t become RJ to be famous, Become RJ to bring in a positive change as a responsible citizen

A small Message

Smile and Be kind, for everyone you know is fighting a harder battle

Thank you for your precious time jayashree

-Manjitha Bandela, eekshanam Journalist, Bangalore.

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