Arnab Goswami, owner and Editor-in-chief of Republic tv was arrested by Mumbai police today morning. He was arrested in abatement of suicide, a 2018 case which now has been Re-opened that was closed earlier. There were huge crowd of Police, police closed entrance and exit of his house, Arnab was assaulted by police men and dragged into police van badly. They might have forgotten that he is in Eternal profession of journalism.


Everybody is equal before law, nobody is above law, but the way Mr.Arnab was treated, assaulted is totally not acceptable.

Democracy is at stake. Freedom of press at stake. Maharashtra Government is trying to shut questioning mouths through vengeful actions. This is not the first time that Maharashtra Government misusing it’s power.

Journalism is a sacred and divine profession. Journalists have a greater responsibility of revealing truth on their shoulders. They are ray of hope and play a vital role in delivering correct news to public. This disrespect towards Arnab Goswami is totally not acceptable.

Hope truth prevails, Hail Democracy!


Saishiva Essampelli

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