TRS Working President KTR lashes at BJP and Congress

TRS Working President KTR lashes at BJP and Congress

“While we were on the ground, reaching out to the people and providing relief measures in the rain-affected areas in Hyderabad, BJP and Congress were busy campaigning in Dubbaka. They were doing politics during the crisis,” said TRS Working President KTR at a press conference at Telangana Bhavan in Hyderabad.

“What have Telangana BJP leaders done for Hyderabad? One Minister of State and four MPs failed to fetch even a penny for the city,” KTR said. “BJP has not got a penny for Hyderabad but they came up with Mana Nagaram, Mana BJP slogan recently. It’s a shame,” he added.

KTR stated that even before rains subsided, CM KCR has announced Rs 550 crore for flood relief measures. “If needed we will request CM to sanction Rs 100 crores more for people of Hyderabad,’ he added.

“A financial assistance of Rs 10,000 was given to 4,30,000 people who were affected by the heavy rains. All of this assistance was provided even before rains subsided. Without seeing one’s political and social background, we have provided assistance,” said KTR.

The Working President stated that the GHMC has a list of beneficiaries who have received the financial assistance of Rs 10,000 along with their photo and signature. “It’s sad to see some BJP leaders protest even though they themselves have already received the financial assistance,” he added.

The Working President stated that a total of 920 teams were set up to provide the ex gratia amount. “While a few brought to our notice that a few families did not receive the ex gratia money, we have again started to reach out to them.

We have set up a Disaster Response Force with 800 members headed by an IPS officer to combat such flood situations. No other metro in the country has a disaster response force,” he said.

Working President KTR reminded that since 2014, Telangana’s contribution to the Centre in the form of taxes was ₹2,72,926 Cr whereas what the Centre has released to Telangana was just ₹1,40,329 Cr.

TRS working president stated that CM KCR had written a letter to the Prime Minister for assistance from the center to the tune of Rs 1350 Crore. “It has been about 25 days and we still haven’t received a response from the Centre on this,” KTR said.

Whereas, the Prime Minister responded to Karnataka Chief Minister within four days when they asked for financial assistance of Rs 669 crore. In 2017, Prime Minister did an arial survey of Gujarat during floods and released financial assistance of Rs 500 Crores immediately.

“Our Prime Minister responds to letters written by Karnataka and Gujarat Chief Ministers but not to letters written by Telangana Chief Minister. Is Telangana not a part of India? Does the Prime Minister not have the responsibility to help Hyderabad city and its people?” he strongly questioned.

Calling the Congress party a ‘Nadaan Dushman’, KTR said that the Congress never cared for the health and hygiene of people. They never worked for it. But the TRS government has set up 350 basthi dawakhanas for the urban poor. And has also set up public toilets in various places.

Citing the Kirloskar Committee report, KTR stated that during the Congress regime, about 28 thousand encroachments came up on Nalas.

KTR informed that the state government has also helped with relief assistance in 22 municipalities around Hyderabad and has provided financial assistance of Rs 20 Crore when Warangal has seen a similar flood situation.

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