Arunima Sinha’s Mind-blowing Story that Needs to be Heard

Hyderabad: It was an eventful day to find myself listening to the titillating story of Shri Arunuma Sinha on the live webinar conducted by Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, Hyderabad, Ramakrishna Math under the guidance of director Swami Bodhamayananda. Listening to her story straight from the horse’s mouth was a big learning experience in itself, an experience that recharges the mind in a motivational way and spiritually.

Awe-inspiring stories like these need to be heard and this is the right time that youth gets a taste of them. Padma Shri Dr. Arunima Sinha who scaled great heights like a boss has been so close to her roots and her narration was full of that truthfulness that can make a life for people who are ready to lend their ear and look into themselves and their puny troubles that look like demons in comparison.

I’ve been emotionally low for a couple of months, undermining myself, inflicting pain on myself for the behaviour of others. The mind-blogging story of the noble human being was like a slap that dragged me back to reality and see the opportunities before me, the life ahead and how I need to invest my energies in positive things.

As a government teacher and story-teller who understands the importance of telling stories, I’ll give myself the opportunity to tell the stories of such beautiful hearts who have created a space for themselves without forgetting the underlying concept of spirituality. Great lesson learnt, indeed!

I can’t thank Swami Bodhamayananda enough for creating such a wonderful platform to get to know the stories that really matter amidst virtual stories of screen actors who are being worshipped as demi-gods. My heartfelt salute to the director of honourable VIHE and the true hero of the day, Dr. Arunima Sinha.


AV Ramani, Classroom Practitioner, Textbook and Module writer for English at TS SCERT( 99127 60314)


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