IIT krishnamurthi Review

movie : IIT krishnamurthi
release : Amazon prime
Movie lenght : 110 minutes
Banners : Cristolite media creations, Akki arts
Presented by : Mango mass media
Cast : Pridhvi, Mira doshi, Vinay verma, Benerji, Satya e.t.c.,
Music : Naresh kumaran
Camera : Yesu
Editing : Anil Kumar.P
Producer : Prasad Nekuri
Screen Play, Direction : SreeVardhan

Good diminishing in society. People who do good are starving. It does not matter if we do not do good, but respect should be given to people who do good. The concept shown in the movie IIT Krishnamurthi. The director Srivardhan thought of a point to protect those who do good and weaved the story around it. The movie teaser has created the impression that there is something in the movie, Althow the cast for Hero and Heroine are new. With the Covid Effect, the movie makers released the movie in OTT platform Amazon prime. Is the movie good..? did the movie impressed the audience..? to know that, lets get into the story.



Krishnamurthy(pridhvi), studying in Mumbai IIT, comes to Hyderabad and complains police about his uncle missing. Also gives an add in Paper. ACP Vinay(Vinay Varma) who saw the advertisement in news paper, calles Krishnamurthy to the station and found out the details of the case. After that police realises and confirms that Krishnamurthy’s uncle is dead. At the same time Krishnamurthy gets a threaten call from an Unknown number. Someone even tries to kill him.

They also threatens the ACP, who dealt with the case. Who are the people who have been threatened so far? Why did Krishnamurty’s uncle die? What is the ultimate known truth? If you want to know things like, have to watch a movie.


Director Srivardhan opened the film by creating some scenes around a point and connecting them. In the first half of the film, we see all the scenes, that Krishnamurthy comes to Hyderabad from Mumbai, compalining to police about his uncle’s missing, and getting attacked by some unknown persons. We can understand that hero wants to do something. but, the director kept it secret and moved the story successfully until the end. In particular, the final twenty minuits of storytelling are very interesting. The total perspetive of the story will change completely in these 20 minuits. The director concludes the film in a unique style by giving a good, short message to the audience. The hero and ACP characters are the main roles of the film. These characters are well disigned by director Srivardhan. The director kept the lenght of the movie around 110 minuits. means he hadn’t tried to drag the movie for too long. but the first half feels like going slow. Audience can notice a change in the speed of the movie until the pre-climax and after that.


The Heroine role played by Mira dohsi, looks good but there is no scope to performance for the character. She is just limited for songs. Whenever the heroine appears on screen, the movie feels slow. The cameraman Yesu work is good. Music Director naresh kumaran’s music is just good. The songs didn’t impressed the audience much. As far as the cast is concerned, even though it is the first film for Prithvi, he excelled in the role of Krishnamurthy. Vinay verma, who had acted in so many movies before, got a good character in this film. His performance as a full lenght police offices will definetly impress the audience. Comedian Satya had failed to get audience laughs. The other characters like benerji and others did justice to their respective roles.


The movie will be good if you watch it whithout searchin for logics. But the movie is a good one from a debut director.

Rating : 2.5/5

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