“He was less than 40 years of age when the athlete lay stretched upon the pyre. but the flame of that fire is still alight today. from his ashes, like those of the Phoenix of old, has sprung anew the conscience of India ” My India, Arise” these are the words by Romain Rolland, a Nobel laureate on swami Vivekananda. Yes he lived the life span of less than 40 years but his voice which is inspiring many people all over the world is without form as he himself declared that he is a voice without a form. there will be definitely a question,


Who is swami Vivekananda?!!


what is his role in nation building?


There is a need to go back to history of preI Independencetimes,, what was the condition of India at that time. India was in deep trouble with the fight between ancient religion and modern scientific researches which shook the roots of our traditions and culture. when India was in deep lethargic condition, as we as a nation lost our individuality, sriramakrishna, the gurudeva of swami Vivekananda incarnated and performed many spiritual practices to show the truth that all religions are the paths to reach the same supreme being. and swami Vivekananda who took birth in Calcutta to Vishwanath dutta and bhuvaneswari Devi, who was excellent in all aspects such as studies, music, sports and meditation since childhood. he had a great inquiry to know about god and his reality, he reached sri ramakrishna and succeeded. after that, he travelled all over the country, and understood the situation of the country practically. then he went to foreign countries to teach them spirituality and get social virtues he came to India after 4 years of his trip in western countries and taught Indians about many aspects of nation building. He advised Indians to be bold, and

achieve your goals. He established Ramakrishna math and mission with the mission statement atmano mokshartham jagat hithayacha which means for the welfare of society as well as and for one’s own salvation. swami Vivekananda’s birthday which is celebrated as national youth day. but why??! through out his life, he always wanted youth of the country to be strong and work on the problems of the nation. he mainly concentrated on youngsters.who are the back bone of the nation. from his life, and messages there is a lot of inspiration and strength for youth to face their day to day life.


1. concentration :


basically each and every student and youngster will face the problems during study time, and work but swami Vivekananda during his childhood had absolute concentration and thirst for knowledge. students should not allow their mind to be weaken in any moment always should have zeal for knowledge and questioning mind. he advised

students to follow brahmacharya the purity of mind and body to concentrate more on the subject. never be worried about the shadow, if we follow the sun of knowledge, the shadow of success automatically follows.


2. courage in troubles:


many youngsters commit suicides just because of one failure in life but swami Vivekananda who was born in a rich family who thrown into the poverty, still faced many financial problems in his college days. his father who was a lawyer died suddenly with heart attack. and entire family was thrown into the poverty. though he was very intelligent he did not get proper job. he was left with out eating food for three to four days. so he advised youth so many times that face the Terrible, face it boldly. and strength is life weakness is death and be not afraid of anything


3. plan before act:


swami Vivekananda who inspired many people with his messages but he planned

everything before any work. even though he had so much knowledge on the history of India, he travelled all over the country to understand the problems and condition. Then he meditated in kanyakumari about the solution. finally he got a plan to go to west and work for nation’s welfare. He always advises youth how much the goal is important that much important the means too, to achieve the goal


4. unselfish service and renunciation:


swami Vivekananda always says that he is a traitor who always gets something but does nothing for the world. he himself started working on educating college youth to motivate them to work on educating people in the villages. and he himself taught Nivedita to work on for women. and motivated alasinga perumal to work on in the field of education. he motivated Goodwin, a stenographer from western country to reach India and write swami Vivekananda’s speeches for the welfare of world. he always used to say renunciation and service are the ideals of India. He always believed that youth will come

forward and sacrifice for nation and solve the problems of nation. and he always advises youth that we must preserve our core values alike and accept modern methods and knowledge which will bring welfare to the society. Finally, swami Vivekananda who had utmost belief in youth that they must be strong physically, mentally and spiritually to do great things for their personal life and nation building as youth were, youth are and youth will be the pillars of nation. They will have power to change everything. his advice to youth is all power is with in you. you can do anything and everything. that’s the belief the youth should have.


Arunima sinha,first women amputee who climbed Mount Everest, who lost her leg unfortunately in an accident, got inspiration from swami Vivekananda’s teachings and climbed Mount Everest. who is a living example for youth.


so, finally here is trumphet voice which is inspiring many people from 150 years all over the world. the voice for youth!!! always says

” my faith is in the younger generation the modern generation out of them will come my workers and they will solve nation’s problems like lions ” it is the responsibility of us to take this forward.


– N. SAI PRASHANTHI, department of biotechnology, osmania university

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