Hyderabad: Dance is the form of vibration of our body and mind. It is the form of worship through which a dancer can reach the almighty. It is a strange form of yoga.

Meet the following girl who is a Kuchipudi dancer performer and founder of “NRITYA” (9381356567) virtual online dance classes.

VENNELA SAMUDRALA daughter of Srinivasa Chary and Sashirekha started her dance journey at the age of five. Her family is just wonderful and supported her in all the activities. Endurance,elegance, beauty and the details of classical dance inspired her to become a classical dancer. If you have the mind ,desire and will power no matter what happens you can still achieve anything.

She performed on many stages and gave nearly 440 performances.

During this pandemic she started ‘NRITYA‘ your virtual online classes to all the age groups. NRITYA began with three students and now it is extended upto 25 students. NRITYA almost completed 10 months and still continuing with pure grace . Teaching online is not easy but she practiced being with patience with all the students.

She says “Indian classical dance is based on mythology and puranas so when a child learns dance she is bound to know the story of Mahabharata, Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita, Shiva Purana, and so on. In this way she can also learn great Indian literature. Thus the child’s knowledge will be enhanced. So I want the children to know about the rich culture and heritage of India”.

Students of NRITYA virtual classes are now slowly evolving gracefully and disciplined.

Hoping the best to her and her students wishing all of you HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY.

– Samudrala Shashirekha (Principal, Ramakrishna Vidyanikethan),

Samudrala Madhuri ( Nizamabad All India Radio Announcer).

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