Dussehra, Bathukamma celebrations in Finland.. event organized by Finland Telugu Association

Finland Telugu Association, Parlapalli Raghunadh Reddy, Dussehra & Bathukamma, FITA

Finland Telugu Association (a non-profit Organization in Finland for Telugu People unity) have celebrated Dussehra & Bathukamma festivals on 16.10.2021 3-10PM at Espoo International School in Finland. Majority of the Telugu people living in Finland are on software jobs. Although they are away from India, home country, Finland Telugu Association organizes festival, cultural events, sports and several other activities to promote our culture and ensures that Telugu people are connected, united and live happily. More than 200 people participated in this event, traveling from different municipalities and cities as well.

It’s been nearly 2 years people have been struggling to come out due to COVID-19 global pandemic. Finland has lifted COVID-19 restrictions on 01.10.2021 and this event organized by Finland Telugu Association (FITA) brought the people back into normal life situation and people really enjoyed the event.

The event has continued for 7 hours continuously with Kids Fancy Dress shows, dance performances, singing, slokas, Telugu language skill showcasing etc.Also, all ladies, kids, everyone participated in Bathukamma Kolatam event in end of the program. Finland Telugu Association – President (Parlapalli Raghunadh Reddy) and his team mentioned “we organize more of such festival& cultural events in near future and ensures the Telugu people live happily in FINLAND”.

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