Freedom, it’s not a tool of few…


In our society, the most affected and alienated persons were the transgenders.They come across many struggles and problems to adjust with the people around as they are being bullied and ill treated and not accepted as normal persons.


We are in the democratic country and our constitution provides rights for equal treatment of all humans in spite of their caste,creed, colour, religion, region and so for.Freedom is our birth right,but this freedom is not equally enjoyed by the transgenders like others. It is personal interest of a person to change gender to either from male to female or male to female, one cannot disrespect others person interests.The transgenders /3rd gender need to be given freedom to freely move in the society without any fear.

Why are we narrow minded to accept a person’s identity as of how a person wish to represent themselves. In order to uplift the transgenders, our government need to take special care and interest to transgender. Reservations in educational institutions and employment opportunities in various sectors.Its not just about a group of people, it’s about all of us accepting one another.The Earth we live is mother to all humans on it and we need to love and respect and be kind to each other.

– Mounika Bathula, Hyd

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