Delighted Yogitha praises her Guru Lakshmi Prasuna in her journey of dance

Hyderabad: I’M Yogitha, having 8 years of experience in dance but made me become a passionate since 2 years as I joined under the guidance of Guru Lakshmi Prasuna Madam. She is a person who seeks for perfection in her teaching. Her remarkable experience catches every single mistake which molds us to a perfect dancer. She is cautious that her students shouldn’t perform in a wrong way. Her motive is that her students shouldn’t forget anything when they learn new things.

Despite having 8 years of experience in dance, never got an opportunity to perform the role of goddess in a program. Lakshmi Prasuna Garu is the one who caught my zeal to experience the role and gave me an opportunity.

The experience of performing the role was a dream coming true for a any learner or a beginner like me as it is more worth and doing justice to the role.

I was very joyful wearing the attire of goddess. Besides that, I appeared in green color make-up to resemble same as Shakambari Devi.

Instead of being occupied, we had fun experiencing the performance.

I, Yogitha will owe a lifetime gratitude to Guru Lakshmi Prasuna Madam for being supportive and motivates us to develop dedication for our goal

Yogitha, Hyderabad.

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