Jyothi Sri Chandana: Passionate learner and her inspiration towards dance

Hyderabad: I am Jyothi Sri Chandana. I am learning dance from my childhood, and I love dance very much. My parents were searching for a dance guru who can teach me dance very well. They came to know about Natya Guru Nuti Lakshmi Prasuna of Natyakalpa. Madam is very passionate about the dance. After seeing her passion to teach dance to the students and keen observation to correct mistakes and her patience in trying to improve the students, my love for dance has grown up.

She has been conducting online classes during COVID19 times also. It helped me to practice dance during this pandemic situation. Thanks to madam for conducting online classes.

Madam told us that we need to dance for ‘VANDE SRIMATARAM’ song written by Brahmasri Samavedam Shanmukha Sharma in praise of the Goddess Durga and her different forms . The song was very pleasant to listen to and while listening we feel the presence of Goddess. I played role of Annapurna Devi in this dance performance. Thanks to Prasuna madam to compose these dance movements and helping us to practice within a short time. We have only one week to practice and perform the dance at the auditorium. She put lot of efforts to train all of us it became success. I felt very good as I got a chance to perform the dance on the occasion of ‘LalitaVidya” book release at Bharatiya Vidya bhavan Auditorium.

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