Rashmitha and her journey with her sister in dance

Hyderabad: I am Rashmitha, joined with my sister in the journey of dance at Natyakalpa under the guidance of Natya Guru Nuti Lakshmi Prasuna. Her inspiration to students begin from minor movements. She concentrates on every single movement in teaching and corrects our mistakes during practice. I experienced a role of Kalika Devi in VANDE SRIMATAVARAM dance program. Our Madam taught this dance in a very short period; it shows her personal involvement in teaching so that her students perform well.

VANDE SRIMATARAM song is written by Bramhasri Samavedam Shanmukha Sharma in praise of Goddess Durga and her different forms. I’m delighted to be a part of this renowned dance performances as it signies Hindu Mythology.

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