Event for journalists on Sri Aurobindo Ghose’s 150th birth anniversary

"When mind is still, then truth gets her chance to be heard in the purity of silence" said the great philosopher Aurobindo we all have a chance to learn more of his teachings by attending the program on this Sunday

Hyderabad: To remember the thoughts,teachings of a philosopher and to celebrate his ideas that influenced indian freedom movement,institute of human study team is conducting a program on the auspicious day of Sri Aurobindo Ghose’s 150th birth anniversary.

The event will take place at Aurobindo international school,vidyanagar on the 14 of November from 9:30AM-1:30PM . The program is exclusive to journalists, and the journalists can learn about the master journalist Sri Aurobindo who worked as a journalist and edited the newspaper called ”Bande mataram”

Journalists can draw inspiration from the life of Sri Aurobindo and this is the motive behind the program said the organizers and requested all the journalists to actively participate in the program


Detailed schedule of the program:

08:30hrs Registration

09:00hrs Guided Meditation

09:30hrs Video Presentation on LIFE OF SRI AUROBINDO

10:00hrs Benedictory Message by Swami Shitikantanandaji Maharaj

10:15hrs Welcome address by Dr Chhalamayi Reddy

10:30hrs Talk by Shri Goparaju Narayan Rao – Editor, Jagriti Telugu Weekly

11:00hrs T e a B r e a k

11:15hrs Parallel Sessions-

1. Shri G Srinivasa Kumar – Sr Journalist, AndhraJyothy

2. Shri Sai Krishna Avunoori – Chief Editor, Nationalist Hub

3. Shri Jai Simha – Sr Journalist, AndhraJyothy

12:00hrs Talk by

Shri Valliswar – Director, Bharath Today News TV

12:20hrs Sri Aurobindo’s Spiritual Nationalism – Shri Srinivas Mulugu

12:45hrs Indian Nationalism as a Religion – Shri P Niroop Reddy

13:30hrs – L U N C H


For details- 9666665328

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