Celebrating shri Aurobindo Ghosh’s 150th Birth Anniversary

Hyderabad: It is said time is valuable,it is true, the time spent to know about Aurobindo ghosh is worth it. There are no words to explain his greatness,he is a yogi and a great son of mother India, he spoke about spiritual civilization.when we glance at few speeches from ‘Aurovahini’ the media meet,swami Shitikantananda Maharaj said, “To know about Aurobindo we need to expose ourselves to the fire of purification”, he spoke about the greatness of Aurobindo and said Nationalism was a religion and said every man should evolve as a Superman.he quoted Aurobindo and said “To be slave of mind is not existence, turn to superman”. world is a symbol it represents perfection, So first know about yourself then go beyond the self he said. To understand a mystic,you need to become a mystic He said.

Vivekananda through his speeches enlightened the nation. whereas Aurobindo ghosh used his writings as a weapon to bring out nationalism, he says, India in its soil, has joy and peace,The very air and dust are sacred, and there is purity in itself. The glory of Indian civilization is known through it’s mystics and spiritualism.

Development doesn’t mean developing materialism, it destroys resources, we need to fully understand our own culture said Swami.

Shri Goparaju Narayan Rao ji talked about the rebirth of mother India and the influential writings of shri Aurobindo ghosh.

Shri mulugu srinivas ji talked about the spiritual Nationalism of Aurobindo. Shri Valliswar ji pointed out that we can all become an Aurobindo by having the 5’s (shakti,satya,sanskar,sankalp,sadhana) Firstly,Our role in giving back to society. Second, Strong determination, work , and contribution towards society. Thirdly,our role as humans ,what our culture has taught ” Eternal religion is an alternative name for Hinduism”(sanatana dharma me ee jaati dharmam).Fourth ‘S’ is strength, not only physical strength but also mental strength. Fifth Consistency, continuous efforts till the last minute.

The session of 150th Birth anniversary of Aurobindo ghosh ended with shri Niroop Reddy Ji’s speech he said there can be no nationalism without regionalism and no internationalism without Nationalism. He quoted Aurobindo and said “learn Nationalism at the sacrifice of humanism”. Aurobindo is a great man,many doesn’t know his greatness, his writings enlightens every individual. Organisations may die but Legacy persist. spiritual experience cannot be captured but Aurobindo put it into words he said.

-Mounica, Hyderabad.

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