Reach of New Media is high compared to Old Media

New media is the result of new updates in an existing system. The same information that is spreads on multiple platforms, the advancement in technology is the result of infotainment which includes both information and entertainment. Smartphones and social media are examples of new media technologies. New media has the highest reach among the viewers because it spreads the information rapidly not only from one place to another but also from one person to another who are well aware of technology and are updated

Statistically, people are prioritizing new media platforms i.e. social media apps and YouTube as they are instant updates compared to the old media platforms such as television news and newspapers. The tradition of telecasting news remains constant but the way of telecasting news is what actually matters. People consider news which has an innovative style of conveying.
Comparison of views on both old media and new media besides the type of news that is telecasted will help in evaluating the perception of audience and their consideration to the type of media (whether old or new). However, there is a rise in people’s ideology with the rise of advancements in the technology.  As they prefer anything that creates sensation. Features is the most considered style because it will engage the reader or a viewer’s attention and lets them continue your story till the end.
New media technologies not only helps you stay updated to the new inventions but also learn new things regularly. It has the potential to turn anything into a sensation. New media and viewers are interlinked to each other as they consider anything that is posted on new media/digital media platforms is true; which helps you analyze the reach.
To sum up, new media has the highest reach among the viewers with respect to spreading of news than comparing to the old media because they are not much time consuming and as it is a short and simple conveying without exaggeration.
M Shreya Raj, Hyderabad

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