Meditation is mastering of thoughts, mind and soul

Mastering your thoughts is a beautiful art; happens through regular practice called meditation. It is to control your mind and train your soul from external world, meditation will teach you the discipline of leading a spiritual life. It helps you concentrate on realizing what is more important in life. Meditation is not only about controlling your thoughts but also have control over emotions, pleasures and many more.

There are certain misconceptions about meditation that people think it it is all about leaving  your personal life and practice leading a plain life. This is not at related to personal life of having pleasures and desires. It helps you become the master of thoughts

To practice meditation, first you’ve to choose the method of meditation learn accordingly: there are different types of practicing meditations. Some of them are:

  • Controlling the way of talking: Talking less will help you control your emotions and helps you develop patience, also helps you control your anger
  • Silence: silence will relax your mind and helps you enjoy the inner peace
  • Practice of Yoga: Practice of Yoga helps you overcome stress and other health issues

The above mentioned are the basics of learning meditation. There is a high-end learning which will need a lot practice and realize the inbuilt spirit. This practice needs a guidance of experienced trainer. This may require certain courses. This needs the following:

One should set the time for meditation; preferably early mornings. One should practice sitting straight on a cloth/cushion and close your eyes; this should be followed by concentrating on the space between the eyebrows. It enlightens your mind and soul and controls you from distractions. You get to experience different stages when you involve totally in meditation.

Benefits of meditation:

  1. Meditation can give you calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your physical and emotional well-being
  2. It helps to build skills to manage your skills
  3. Helps you increase self-awareness
  4. Helps you reduce negative emotions
  5. Increases patience and tolerance

Tips to concentrate while meditating:

  • Focused attention
  • Relaxed breathing
  • A quiet atmosphere
  • comfortable position

Meditation is an learning of optimism in one’s life. It is to connect with  universe and develop excellent command over mind. You can follow Vipassana meditation classes and Ramakrishna matt online meditation classes

-M Shreya Raj, Hyderabad

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