Virtual interaction is prioritized to book reading finds M Shreya Raj

Virtual interaction! How are movies and web series helping you from being a successful individual??

The present generation is involved in watching more than reading; this has now become a trend of staying updated to the virtual world. People fail to realize that reading can improve your skills by being innovative, the habit of reading books will enhance your thoughts and boosts your imagination as imagination is a freedom of designing your own world. This pleasure of eye-feast has the pure satisfaction while imagining compared to the virtual scenario that is shown on television or any other movie. Virtual scenarios are already a decorated and designed idea of someone’s creation that is shown and placed in the form of product expecting audience to encourage and rate their effort. This will ruin original spirit of imagination

People are occupied and involved much in watching which will only be the entertainment but not any other development in your personal life, whereas reading books will help you develop your skills and help you put those words in your daily vocabulary so as to improvise learning skills, communication skills and will let you understand  certain principles that makes some sense when you talk to others. It will be the best way of trimming your own thinking and helps you be an individual “YOU”. Reading will help you identify yourself and change your mindset according to the books you read

Inculcating book reading in your daily life will be the best choice of self-grooming and become the best version of yourself not only by the physical appearance but also by the mental state. Book reading will develop patience and many other skills whereas virtual interaction will influence you by their so called creativity. Virtual interaction captures all your attention and time by not letting you divert your mind from watching the picture from beginning to end.

The pandemic has totally caught people and engaged them in virtual world in the form web series, movies and many more; this tradition of being engaged in the virtual world will have negative impact on the health of humans and it will lead to a lifecycle disorder which may differ from regular timings such as food habits, change in the sleeping schedules and other regular intervals.

So, book reading is always better than virtual interaction because book reading will help you enhance your thoughts and will progress you in the possible optimistic way if you choose to read good books.

“Choosing a book over a screen will progress you to become the best version of yourself”

-M Shreya Raj, Hyderabad


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