“Don’t leave him’’ Delhi Air hostess has sent sms to her family……

Anissia Batra a 32 years old flight attendant has committed suicide allegedly jumped off the terrace of her home in South Delhi. She was a Air hostess for Lufthansa Airlines.

Her family suspected it was not a suicide, it was well planned murder .On the demand of  Anissia Batra’s family members,police are conducting postmortem which will be video recorded.

Anissia Batra and Mayank Singhvi had married 2 years ago. Anissia Batra has been physically and mentally tortured by Mayank  for dowry . Anissia’s parents lodged a complaint about Mayank with police last month.

On Friday when Anissia committed suicide in her house, her Husband Mayank called police and reported that anissia was threatening  of  killing herself by messaging Mayank . At that time he was in home..by the time he reached terrace, Anissia jumped from terrace. He also told police that he took  Anissia to Hospital where Doctor declared that she was dead.

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