Shocking scene in Loksabha.. Rahul gave very big surprise to Modi

Superb seen was happened in Loksabha today. On the occasion of the discussion on ‘No Confidence Motion’ Rahul Gandhi gave a long speech. In that speech, he severely criticized the BJP and the central Govt. With Rahul allegations on rafael scandal, allegations on Amit shah’s son, women security, note ban.. and many issues.

So Loksabha became tensed. BJP MPs were obstructed Rahul’s speech. So Speaker postponed the Loksabaha for 10 minutes. Again rahul made serious allegations. But in the end superb seen had happened. All of a sudden rahul gandi went to PM Modi and huged him. PM too, having observed Rahul’s coming to towards him opened his hands to Rahul.

Rahul Gandhi first hugged Modi and gave shake hand and had a bit of talk with him. While Rahul going back Modi friendly touched his back. So with this Rahul’s deed all who present in the Loksabha got surprised. Not only all MPs, those who are seeing televisions also fell into full surprise.

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