Pawan kalyan to host a TV show!

pawan tv show
pawan to host a tv show

A big news is doing rounds regarding Pawan kalyan. That is about a new direction in his political journey. He is going to do politics in cinematic way, but that will be on social problems. If we have to say clearly.. Like bolywood sensational hero Amir Khan’s Satyamev jayate program pawan kalyan too is going to address many social issues in small screen.

It is said that some think tank in Janasena team is planning for this and doing necessary home work. They are busy in collecting many social issus like ‘ uddanam kidney problem’. They are also doing work to decide the show name. Pawan will address all possible problems through the state AP. But will the show continas only AP problems or not is has to be known.

The general opinion in Janasena team is that as Pawan kalyan is touring the state to addressing many issues they saw some better option in TV show. So on the lines of amirkhan’s satyamev jayathe TV program.. Pawan team is planning a new TV show for Pawan. And this will be telecasted two times in a week. No only in Telugu language but Hindi and in English language too.

If it becomes true as per the rounding news of this news the show will become sensational and will create a boost Pawan. When this news came out.. The power star fans and Janasena followers are eagerly waiting to see Pawan in new position.

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