Tributes to “Arupu” song by Roll Rida

I could not stop my tears and i was so emotional listening to this song…Where are we in this society….No proper security for girls…And hats off to Roll Rida for the song….Why women are discriminated in India….Why small girls are abused…what they know…Is that their mistake to born as girl…



“candle pattukoni walking chesthaaru…..candle aripogaane intiki vellipothaaru” and this is true…How people are so stupid…Who will change the society and before discriminating other girls why they cant think about their own sister and mother before discriminating….

Kathua Rape case:

A- eight years innocent girl was tortured,brutally raped and finally killed inside temple bad thrown her dead body in to the Rasana forest..Why was she raped…why they are not hanged immediately after this incident…why they took soo long time to announce the judgement….

Sitapur Gang rape:

A father has gifted her daughter to his friends for raping her and later he also joined the rape….Father and his daughter attended a fair in siatapur 70 kms away from Lucknow,while returning from fair, father has called his friends and offered his daughter….one of the criminal was caught by police who is 50 yrs….we belong to such a society where women are offered prayers….where are we….

4-month old baby was raped:

In Indore,a 4 month baby was raped and thrown in to the basement…what made rapist to rape her,,,what sex appeal she had…was she wearing small clothes…what did she do…this incident left police in to tears…..

Dowry cases:

I dont know why men expect dowry from women….For what they are expecting…..Is this not women discrimination…


Narendra modi has made India a proud country in all aspects…He is a self-made man and has been inspiration to many Politiical leaders….He made indian army very powerful…..He made every other country to glance at india and he also planning to send astronaut to space spending rs.30000 crores….

why cant he increase number of police strength in India…to save girls…he should setup such a rules that where a man gets scared to touch or discriminate or torture a women in the society….


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