Uttam Kumar Reddy alleges EC an Inefficient body

Hyderabad: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee President Uttam Kumar Reddy on Thursday slammed the Election Commision (EC) saying the constitutional body has utterly failed in conducting the state assembly elections. Speaking to media at a dharna held by Congress party he said that the EC was reluctant to the demands for counting the votes that were recorded in VVPATs in Telangana Assembly Elections.

Whereas in Rajastan and Chattisgarh the EC accepted the demands for counting the votes recorded in VVPATs, he said. The EC had conducted the elections without updating the voters’ lists, he alleged. He also alleged that the EC had failed in all counts in conducting the elections in a fair and reasonable manner.

“Constitutional bodies in Telangana have become incompetent” he alleged. He demanded the EC to
conduct the next elections using ballot papers and remove EVMs. “The votes recorded in VVPATs, where the majority of the winner is less than 10,000 votes, should be counted” he demanded.

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