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YOUTH – It is the age where Enthusiasm, Curiosity, Goal-orientedness, Fearlessness & Character-building takes place.

“Youth – is the best time. The way in which you utilize this period will decide the nature of coming years that lie ahead of you”. Says Swami Vivekananda.

Our main duty is to be good and set a good example for our younger generations by guiding, supporting and encouraging them.

But instead, we are drowning by being crazy about futile things.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, that youth are being victims of road accidents, drug-addictions, social media platforms and ruining oneself by many other means.

Reports say that every third victim of a road accident is a youngster and this is caused by overspeeding vehicles & jumping the lights.

Just think about our parents who has innumerable hopes on us. Being impetuous about our own life drags them into disappointment.


We are throwing our precious time by getting entertained through a few social media platforms & on things that appeal no matter whether it is good in the long term or not.

We are thirsty for instant joy, leaving away long term happiness and ending up being null.

I don’t say to curtail such practices but definitely, mean to say that there should be a limit and know whether it is doing good/bad.

There are even many such issues which youngsters are facing.


in the same way…


In order to get a diversion from these, it is suggestable to read Swami Vivekananda. The ideal role model for youth and a live example of the strength present in youth. Through this, we can gain self-knowledge and self-consciousness of differentiating between fruitless and fruitful activities and put ourselves into the right track.

Parents can play a vital role in their child’s life by teaching ethics and epics from a very young age(childhood) and instill good character traits in them.

Hope the above few remedies help in reducing the problem to some extent.

— Geetha, Ramakrishna Math Volunteer, Hyderabad.

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