Why are migratory Birds dying at sambhar Lake in Rajasthan?

Jaipur: Carcasses of over 18,000 migratory Birds have been buried in 10 days after they were found at India’s largest inland saltwater lake.

Over the last 10 days thousands of migratory birds have been found at Sambhar Lake, about 80 km southwest of Jaipur city. While there is no clarity on what has caused the deaths, investigations so far suggest Avian botulism, paralytic and frequently fatal disease caused by the injestion of toxins.

Every year the lake attracts thousands of migratory birds. Total 83 species of water Birds have been recorded at the lake, the most abundant of which are grebe, great white Pelican, little cormorant, black Stork and various species of Plovers, egrets, herons and geese.

The evidence points to Avian botulism, has not been officially confirmed. On the basis of history epidemiological observations, classical clinical symptoms and postmortem findings, the most probable diagnosis is Avian botulism, said report by the Apex Centre for animal disease investigation, monitoring and surveillance at the college of veterinary and animal science under the Rajasthan University of veterinary and animal Sciences, Bikaner. The clinical signs exhibited by affected Birds included dullness, depression, anorexia,paralysis in legs and wings and neck touching the ground. The Birds were unable to walk, swim and take flight.

– Shivani Reddy, Rachana College Of Journalism, Hyderabad.


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