Liquor prices hike in Telangana,News comes as a shock to alcoholics.

Hyderabad: The decision taken by the telangana state government comes as a shock to alcoholics.The government has taken a decison to increase upto 15% rate on liquor and said these rates will be applicable from tomorrow.Rs.20-40 on beers and on liquor the hike may be from Rs.20-100 is estimated.The new rates may boost the state’s economy by adding 350cr rupees every month as taxes.but,the rates of only popular brands are being hiked at large,this impacts the ordinary brand users,the hikes on foreign brands is normal.but the excise authorities are stating that the hikes in the state is lesser when compared to the state of AP.It is being viewed that the decision by the government is taken,keeping in mind the New year and the upcoming Municipal elections

-Anudeep sharma,Hyderabad

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