Uphaar Fire Tragedy : SC Rejects Curative Pleas , No Further Jail Term For Ansal Brother

New Delhi : On Thursday, The supreme court rejected a petition by families of people who died at Uphaar Cinema in a fire in 1997 . The curative petition filed against the top court’s verdict wanted the judges to enhance the jail term for real estate barons Ansal’s brothers.

An Association of the 59 families had sought more jail time for the real estate brothers Sushil Ansal and Gopal Ansal for negligence, which lead to the horrific fire that killed many , this incident later known as the Uphaar Tragedy.

Supreme Court bench of Chief Justice S A Bobde, and Justices N V Ramana and Arun Mishra considered the curative petition by the Association for Victims of Uphaar Tragedy in-chamber and dismissed it. “We have gone through the curative petitions and the relevant documents. In our opinion, no case is made out… Hence, the curative petition is dismissed,” the bench said in its order .

In one of the worst fire accidents in Indian history, a blaze broke out in Delhi’s Uphaar Cinema, halfway through the screening of Hindi film “Border” on June 13, 1997. 59 families people had died , while over 100 others were injured in the ensuing stampede.

In 2008, the Delhi High Court upheld the verdict but reduces sentence from two years to one year. In 2017, the Supreme court sent Gopal Ansal to jail but allowed his elder brother Sushil Ansal to stay out of jail because of his age related complications. Sushil Ansal had already served a reduced sentence of five months.


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