Swami Vivekananda’s scientific glory

Science… Which played the major role in the development of the world, which played major role in providing comforts and to improve the age of the human beings.. So the discoveries of the Science will be two types… One is through experimentation.. Another way is by intuition.. For example, the discovery of Albert Einstein that is relatively through intuition.. But these discoveries will take long time to prove. But create a revolution in the scientific world.. Swami Vivekananda is such kind of scientist… Now, definitely everybody will ask a question?? What is the relationship between science and swami Vivekananda? He is a spiritual person…. Yes, he is a monk, who taught the world about divinity with in the man.. And revolutionized the world with his trumpet voice.. But he had scientific mind and inquiry which is not known to most of the people in the world… We can know his scientific mind through different incidents in his life.. , his lectures and discussions with disciples…

Finding truth by himself ::
This is an incident which was happened in his childhood days.. By which we can understand his nature that is finding the truth by himself.. If someone says something, he couldn’t believe it by words.. He could find it by himself by testing it in a different ways.. This is the scientific mind every scientist must have. A scientist must not give importance to persons, egos , and superstitions. He must find the truth.. When narendra and his friends were playing, an old man came and asked them to leave, if not the ghost which is there on the tree, will kill them.. All other boys went away.. But narendra stayed there and found that it was a lie told by old man to frighten them .. This is the scientific nature he had since his childhood .. That nature made him to question about the existence of god. And even he tested sri Ramakrishna before accepting as his guru…

Swamiji’s scientific knowledge and foresight is reveled in his lectures and discussions with disciples ::

Jnana yoga is the main important part of swamiji’s lectures which is very vast and scientific.. He explained about the secrets of nature in jnanayoga.. Sometimes,he explained to his disciples about secrets of nature.. And he had wonderful discussions with scientists like Nicola Tesla and Kelvin in his western visits.. That reveled his scientific knowledge to the world..

1. About evolutionary theory ::
While explaining real nature of man, Swamiji had spoken about evolution of living organisms.. He said ” every evolution presupposes an involution ” if a man is evolved from unicellular organism, the energy or power which is important to make a human, already will be present in the involved form.. When the condition is favorable, it starts evolving.. For example, we consider, one organism is changing into another organism… The material or energy which is used to change into another organism, will be present in the involved state. According to external conditions it will change into different forms.. Modern science also accepted that the change in the genetic material will cause evolution..

2. Swamiji explained about Darwin’s theory of evolution : another time, while discussing with his disciples, Swamiji explained about Darwin’s theory.. He said ” Darwin explained about struggle for existence, survival of the fittest and natural selection.. But Darwin’s theory is not applicable to humans as it is applicable to animals.. Because in animal kingdom, one animal which will kill ten other animals, will be considered as strong.. And it survives.. But in humans, a person who killed ten people won’t be considered as a great person.. Instead of it. One who serves, one who sacrifices and one who helps others to live, will be considered as a greatest person.. Our scriptures considered the evolution of mind and soul as well as organic evolution..

3. Structure of the body; atomic level : according to cell biology, the bodies of all living organisms including plants, animals , and human beings are made up of cells.. Those cells made up of biomolecules and biomolecules made up of chemicals.. But swamiji says in jnana yoga about this.. He said “what is the force which is combined those chemicals into biomolecules.. And biomolecules into cells.. And cells into body?? OK.. Let us take the example of a unicellular organism.. Around 3.5 billion years ago, the first life is formed on the earth by the process of chemical evolution.. And this theory is proposed by oparin and Haldane.. Modern science made the molecules in the laboratory ( Stanley -miller experiment) but it could not find what is the process by which the molecules are combined. .what is the reason behind this?? Still the researches are continuing on the origin of life.. But about this aspect, Swamiji mentioned 125 years ago before oparin and Haldane ..

4. Origin of universe :: How the universe is formed? Since so many years, human mind is trying to solve this question.. First, steady state theory is proposed and afterwards the Big Bang Theory is proposed by scientists which became more popular.. But still there are so many questions.. From where, that first atom came into existence? How it exploded? How can something produced out of nothing? ( this can be applicable to life too) .. Swamiji explained in macrocosm about this.. ” for example, we take plant, plant comes from seed, it grows after sometime it dies.. But plant gives seeds again.. The seed again forms into tree. And again it will give seeds.. If it is applied to universe.. Universe is originated from the atom.. Again it goes into atomic form.. Again it originates as vast universe.. This cycles are known as “kalpas”

Cause —> effect—>new cause

It can be applied to evolution which is described before.. Origin of universe is an evolved state and atomic state is an involved state of the universe. This can be applied to life also,
Example: plant is born because of seed plant is an example of evolved state, and the seed is an example of involved state.. If it is applied to animals, the organism is an example of evolved state. But what is necessary to make that organism is already lies in the sperm and egg in the involved state. That energy is called as DNA or genetic material in the modern science.. Living organism is an example of evolved state and the sperm is an example of involved state.. That is involved animal or Human. If the condition and timing is favorable.. It evolves or expresses it self..

Seed. –> (soil)—>new plant —-> grown up plant —.> plant dies –> new seed —->….. so on….

These are the examples which are given by swamiji , in his lectures and discussions.. These are few examples. More examples are available in his lectures.. So many times in his talks, Swamiji mentioned about the necessity of scientific thinking and importance to the nation.. And indirectly he played the role in establishment of IISc. But he always told that science must be combined with spirituality. Then the all round development of the Human race will be possible with peace and universal brotherhood. Only luxuries cannot give us true happiness and peace. Swamiji always pointed out the importance of the combination of scientific and spiritual knowledge. Because, to use scientific knowledge we must have discrimination ( Viveka) that is possible by spiritual knowledge.. When those two combined, all round development of the nation is possible.. It is our responsibility to work for swamiji’s dream as the youth and citizens of this great nation called “INDIA”

Science and religion will meet and shake hands — swami Vivekananda

Sai prashanthi Neelda, Ramakrishna math volunteer

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