Village children shows amazing response to know about swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda says that education is the way by which all problems in the nation will reduce, educating the children is the best way to solve the problems of the nation and the younger generation will solve nation’s problems. And he says if a boy cannot come to education, the education must go to the boy.. While studying swamiji’s life or any other great leader’s life, we can know the importance of villages, especially the children in the villages

As I studied in a village that to in a government school in adilabad district, I know the condition of children in the villages, it’s my fortune that I got a chance to visit Sri Ramakrishna math Hyderabad and I inspired by swami Vivekananda’s teachings.. Once I heard swami ranganathananda ji’s words
“we must spread swami Vivekananda’s message shamelessly ”
Then I got a thought to spread the message in my own village which will give the awareness to students about swami Vivekananda and his message, so I bought some books and now I have given them to the students of government primary school, Sirpur town, adilabad. On the holy day of Sri Ramakrishna’s janmathithi, it is a CO incidence, which made me so happy..

Response from the Children ::
The children are very happy, and enjoyed when I said some points about swami Vivekananda. And the teachers also taken some books for their library. After distributing the books, they started reading there it self and started asking “Akka we want more books like this ” .. I’m overwhelmed by the joy, by their response which made me remember swami Vivekananda.

I felt how foolish Iam. I went to city for my selfishness (my education) and I got the nectar there. But what about these children? Who are so much interested to know.. Very enthusiastic.. Very happy if anyone says inspiring words to them. Now I decided I will spend more time more money for this reason which will give so much happiness which we cannot get in parties and all..
This is the blessing of holy trio by whose blessings all these things are possible, I definitely feel happy that my father also took part in it.. And he also felt very happy..

Jai sri Ramakrishna..

-Sai prashanthi Neelda

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