Indian soldiers Heart Warming appeal to boycott China Apps & Products



•On 15 June , 20 Indian Soldiers were martyred and others suffered injuries after a violent face-off with PLA Troops .

•Indian Jawan heart warming appeals to the people of the country to delete Chinese Apps and boycott Chinese products too .

Hyderabad : Recently, Several Unverified videos have been doing the rounds on social media . Amid LAC face-off and border tension between India and China.

In the viral video clip , the Jawan has been showing the poor condition of the road and telling that they don’t have a proper road through which they had to reach China border.

He added , “Delete Chinese apps, boycott them. Boycott their products. Be a patriot. We are deployed at such a dangerous place. You can just use your fingers to boycott them just by sitting at home. We will feel good. It will help us” .

It was the first incident along the border with China that Indian Army personnel have been killed after a gap of nearly 45 years .

On 15 June , 20 Indian soldiers were martyred and several others suffered injuries after a violent face-off with PLA troops in eastern Ladakh in Galwan Valley where the two sides have been locked in a five week long border dispute since May 5.


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