BJP demands protection of Malkam lake, Maisamma temple in Raidurgam

Hyderabad: BJP deplores that efforts are going on at large scale in Hyderabad city for encroachment oflakes in the name of development. It is unfortunate that instead of protecting lakes to safeguard environment and public health which is the boudenduty of Govt authorities, they are being conducive to the real estate development. There by Lakes are slowly shrinking in an organized modus operandi.

It is important that the lakes need to be deepened to ensure rain water flow, ensure no filling of soil, lay proper fencing to safeguard the original extent of lakes and see that no portion of any lake is encroached.

BJP is concerned over the efforts of filling Malkam lake in Rayadurgam in the disguise of laying a 100 feet road and development. The local residents have been fighting relentlessly to protect the MalkamCheruvu. It’s observed that the fencing once erected with high court orders are being tampered again.

We demand that the fencing has to be relocated to original position, remove the soil filled and protect the natural rocks standing beautifully on the edge which are being broken.

Request authorities concerned to intervene and stop the works which are being carried out violating the Irrigation Act and Walta act.

It is pertinent to state that, efforts are going on to shift hundreds of years old KattaMaisamma temple which is at the bed of lake carrying revered sentiments of locals as part of the development.

This temple is known as `KattaMaisamma’, as it is located on the bund of the lake. Local residents opine that If the temple is relocated, it will no more be in their territory and will be treated as `PakkaOoru’(Manikondajageer) Maisamma’.

BJP Strongly condemns such acts affecting the sentiments of local population and deity is believed to be protecting the lake and the villagers for hundreds of years. Locals have also been raising doubts on possible connivance of officials in laying 100 ft road encroaching the extent of lake which can be planned exploring other options.

About 80 fisherman families depend for their livelihood on this lake and filling up of lake with soil in the name of development is being treated as a move to jeopardize their livelihood.

BJP is also concerned that laying 100 feet road will lead to relocation of Hindu burial ground and condemns such acts.

As this issue is related to local residents’ sentiments and health, BJP urges the authorities not take hasty steps and initiate steps to the protection of the lake.

-Yoganand Gajjala, Serilingampally BJP CANDIDATE

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