modernization of stories and concepts from mythology for children and youth


these two lines which are most important
in our culture which say about education
education is the main tool in nation
building and students are the treasure of
our country. because India is the country
where the population of youth is very high
according to demographic studies.
The transfer of proper education to the
nook and corner of the country, to all
children and youth will empower our
country in all aspects.
First of all, we must define education
education is the manifestation of
perfection already within man said by
swami Vivekananda

swami Vivekananda emphasized the
importance of character building
education, instead of money making
Character building is the main important
part of education which will be happen by
spiritual and religious way of life. the
eternal values such as truth must enter
into the minds of younger generation.
We have many different ways for man
making education
one such way is based on mythological
stories and concepts written by many
sages such as vyasa maharshi and so on
Mythology, a greatest treasure of morals
and values which says about the way of
How we should live and what is right and
what is wrong. what are the rules a
student follow to get fruits of education
and get success in their professional and
personal life. and how this education can
be useful for the welfare of society as well
as world.
We have 4 Vedas, 108 Upanishads, 18
puraanas, Ramayana and Mahabharata
ithihasas and sri mad bhagavatam which
says about devotion towards god.

There are many stories from mythology
which depicts the eternal values in the
form of events and discussions in the
From Mahabharata we have the stories of
Arjuna and ekalavya
Arjuna who is an example of absolute
concentration in the guidance of guru
dronacharya, he practiced archery for
many years in the gurukula
he used to practice day and night and
achieved highest excellence in archery
he got another name savyasachi, which
means he can use both hands with same
power in archery. all of us know about the
story of Arjuna and dronacharya when
they go to forest and he had to put his
target on a bird, Arjuna conquered this
test very easily because of his
concentration and it is achieved by
practice everyday, if it is taken into
student life, definitely students can take
this as their ideal and they have to apply
this in their life what ever the field they
choose, they will become successful

persons in professional and personal life
when we take the story of ekalavya, a
perfect example of love for knowledge
and self reliance, Who leant archery all by
himself without assistance of the guru
because dronacharya rejected him
because of his cast. but he made the idol
of dronacharya and considered him as
guru, started practicing archery finally
became excellent.but tragically he
sacrificed when guru asked gurudakshina.
it shows us about guru bhakti.
if it is applied into the lives of students
they never complain about what they don’t
have and they always focussed on
knowledge rather than grades.
love for knowledge should be the highest
motive for students, the excellence will be
achieved by their self reliance in gaining
knowledge as well as wisdom.
we have more great characters from
different parts of mythology, Upanishads
such as
1.dhruva = highest determination, strong
will power
2. prahlada = faith
3. nachiketa = shraddha, love for

4. harishchandra = truthfulness
5. seetha= purity, courage
6. shibi Chakravarthy = sacrifice
7. bhagiratha = will power
8. paundraka vasudeva = don’t imitate

anybody and so on
there many examples from mythology if
the detailed study is done and they have
to be taken for present generation
situations with out changing the core
value.the application of mythology plays
major role in the transformation of
children as well as youth.


Devi bhagavatam, one of the great epic of
Hindu culture in which the incarnations of
mother durga and other stories are
if we take one such example from it
we can see a beautiful line regarding skills
and how skills should be useful for
universal peace
mother durga herself told
“chaturyasya phalam shanthi sathatham

priya bhavanaha “
these lines say skills should be acquired
for the welfare of society and universal
if we inculcate this value in young minds
with our technical education
definitely the purpose of education will be
skills should not cause destruction and
dehumanization in the society


we have 108 Upanishads which are the
banks of eternal knowledge and highest
spiritual experiences.. in which different
stories and discussions among sages will
inspire our younger generation to achieve
highest excellence…
thithiriya Upanishad which says about
the journey of human soul from gross to
subtle. it consists of three parts Valli
2. bhrigu Valli
3.aananda Valli

shiksha Valli the first part of the thithiriya
Upanishad which describes about shiksha
that means education. it says about the
relationship between guru and shishya.
it describes about what are the duties of a
student after his education.
“aacharya poorva roopam
anthevasyuthara roopam
vidya sandhi “

a teacher is a primary person who gives
knowledge and a student is a secondary
person who takes knowledge and that
vidya is a bond between the two which
combines them
if this concept from thithiriya Upanishad
is applied to our modern education
system, according to our education
curriculum and technical education
the fruits of true education will be reached
to our next generation.


madalasopakhyana from markandeya
Purana, which says about the ideals of
parents and what should be given to the
children from their young age
she provoked the inner divinity in her
children and they became great yogis
our younger generation should get proper
nurturing from their parents to become
the great children of mother India by their
chosen career along with character by
taking the example of Rani madalasa.
we have so many great gurus in our
scriptures who molded their students into
diamonds.we have saptarishis who are
eternal teachers and Veda vyasa a great
sage who divided Vedas.many other
examples such as vasistha maharshi and
viswamitra maharshi for lord Rama and
sandeepani maharshi for lord Krishna,
and this is the best example of guru
shishya sambandha.


In Mahabharata, the qualities of a good
employee were mentioned.
In which vidura, a great scholar who
mentioned these qualities

for example, an employee should be
intelligent, sharp and they should be
truthful, committed to the work.they
should have team spirit and excellent
interpersonal and communication skills.
vidura said that an employer should
choose the employees by analysing him
properly about these qualities.
another most beautiful gift for world from
Mahabharata is vidura neethi
in which there is a beautiful descriptions
about leadership qualities, management
skills and enlightened citizenship. how the
citizens should live such as their income
should be used for the welfare of their
community and society as well.


Now, we have everything with us money,
power, skills, knowledge etc but now a
days we are missing the main essence of
human life that is character and values
those values can be inculcated into
children through education from their
childhood. mythological stories is one of
the best tool for children.slowly their mind

and heart is molded in the path of dharma
moral values :
4. love

highest eternal truths in Vedas and
Upanishads are described in the form of
stories in puraanas and ithihasas
In education we can take those stories
and mythological characters as examples
that children easily understand what is
right and what is wrong. through different
modes such as audio visuals, coloured
images and games.
if it is deal with youth, they have to get
highest moral value in the story along with
the events of story.
Finally, man making education is the main
essence of entire school, college
education.there are many ways to
empower our younger generation
modernization of stories and concepts
from mythology is one such way.
we should concentrate on the need of the

hour, without missing the eternal truths.
that is our primary goal as Indians
education is the best weapon which
changes entire world.

-sai prashanthi Neelda department of biotechnology, osmania university

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