Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence A Guide To Hyderabad Youth… celebrating 21st anniversary

Hyderabad: The Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence (VIHE), Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad represents the concrete manifestation of a long cherished dream of Revered Swami Ranganathanandaji Maharaj and has been serving the society for two decades now (September 2000-September 2020) by conducting various courses, seminars and conventions and soft-skills training which are helpful for all age groups but giving special attention to the youth. People from all walks of life like students, parents, teachers, doctors, police officials, nurses, government employees etc are getting trained in the Institute. The beneficiaries from various programmes of the VIHE are more than 18 lakh people till date.

The Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence (VIHE) strives to encourage youth to bring out their best qualities and achieve character excellence.

VIHE is open 365 days of the year and various skill-based programmes are available for various sections of the society. VIHE was born to bridge the gap between the ideal and real—to bring a balance between the knowledge-centred pursuits and value-orientation. Unless knowledge leads to wisdom, it is not only useless but often harmful too. So the need which VIHE addresses is to ensure social and spiritual well-being of an individual in addition to physical and mental well-being.

In addition to usable skills, foundational skills from the life and message of Sri Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda and great personalities associated with the Movement are brought to the forefront of training at VIHE. These models leave an indelible mark on the minds of youngsters who are rudderless in the present ethos and always searching for someone who / something which will give them proper direction in life. Many participants who have never come to the Ramakrishna Math before are encouraged to visit the shrine and inculcate an inwardness in the serenity of the place. In addition, meditation classes, yoga classes, personality development classes also serve different aspects of human excellence.

The Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence is celebrating 21st anniversary on this month 10th and 11th. Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, and Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan will be Chief Guests. VIHE Conducting online programmes.

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